TMNT #4 cover homage

I did this for Inktober in 2019, the first year that I completed a full Inktober. Most of them ended up being TMNT drawings, but such is the way of things in my brain. Anyways, I happened to photograph this one as I worked on it to show the progress to a friend throughout the work day. My job at the time was very small-project oriented, so I’d often have time between projects to do fun drawings like this.

I thought sharing the process images might be fun to some of the people who read my blog!

A very rough pencil sketch to figure out where things were going to go. I’ve drawn the Ninja Turtles enough throughout my life that I don’t need to figure out the details when roughing them out. This was purley done for composition.

A first round of inks with a rollerball pen.

Some more inks, now with a fine point Sharpie to add line weight variance. Also a lot more texture.

Almost done.

And a final pass to clean up a few details here and there before calling it complete.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters and concepts are owned by Nickelodeon.