That is where the Animaniacs live!

In November of 2019, I visited some relatives in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. One of my cousins asked if there was anything I wanted to do or see, and the only thing I could think of was to see the Warner Brothers water tower.

The water tower was made iconic by the 1993 animated series Animaniacs, where the titular characters actually lived inside of it. The above image is the opening shot of the Animanaics intro.

Unfortunately, the Warner Bros. lot isn’t open to the general public. We drove past and I saw it poking up over the wall, and that was good enough. I got to see the water tower.

And then we turned down a side street so we could turn around, and we ended up here:

So, uh. Mission accomplished.

Also, just because it comes out of nowhere, here’s a clip from the film Teen Titans GO! to the Movies.

Everything in this post except the words and the photograph I took is owned by WarnerMedia.

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