Post 673: Two Years Later

Two years after I completely rebooted this website as an a blog, I’ve basically run out of old art to post.

So, I need to change what I’m doing on here.

When I make more art that I can share, I will certainly do so. But, as I’ve started over the last couple of weeks, I’m going to do more writing. More reviews, more art appreciation, more looking at upcoming releases. Stuff like that.

Updates will probably be a little more sporadic while I figure out this new format, but I’ll definitely try to post at least one new thing a week. I’m sure you can understand, it takes more time to do actual writing than to be like, “Hey, here’s some art I made and a couple of sentences explaining why I made it!”

In the meantime, there’s over 670 posts for you to explore. You can go back and revisit anything I’ve posted in the last two years… Or the handful of things from before then that I kept!

And, in case you’ve missed them, here are the six most popular posts on to date:

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Looks like people like when I write about comics and wrestling.

Guess I should do more of that!