TMNT Ray Fillet custom toy

Ray Fillet, or Man Ray, as he’s known in the Archie Comics series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, is, as you’ve probably guessed from his name alone, a mutant manta ray in a wet suit. But he’s… turqoise? Manta rays aren’t turquoise. They’re shades of tan and/or brown!

Image from Tunisian Monitor Online

So I decided to split the difference, and painted him somewhere between tan and pale green. I also thought his wet suit didn’t look authentic enough — Most wet suits that I see are darker cool colors, with bright-color highlights, making divers easier to spot.

I then covered him in icky black muck, because there was an oil spill.

Environmentalism was a huge theme of the TMNT Adventures comics, so having pollution negatively impact a character who primarily is known for his appearances in that book just made sense to me.

Man Ray/Ray Fillet and all TMNT characters are owned by Nickelodeon.

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