Transformers Cyberchrome Megatron ReAction Figure

How many Megatrons can Super7 release?

Cyberchrome Megatron, like Cyberchrome Optimus Prime, was a Target-exclusive repaint. These store-exclusive repaints are becoming more and more common amongst toylines. Basically, Target and Wal-Mart are the two biggest toy distributors in the United States, and they’re kind of holding the industry hostage in exchange for shelf space. You want to get your toys on their shelves? Give them something the other store doesn’t have.

It sucks, but the alternative is that they don’t carry toys at all. And, honestly, of all the ways to do it, these annual Optimus and Megatron repaints is a decent enough way for Super7 to work with Target to guarantee ANY ReAction figures on store shelves.

Cyberchrome Megatron should not be confused with Chrome Commander Megatron — They’re both mostly just the original Megatron with some metallic paint, but Chrome Commander Megs only has the metallic paint applied where the original toy had chrome silver pieces. Cyberchrome Megatorn is ALL metallic paints.

Much like Cyberchrome Optimus Prime, if you already have a Megatron, you can probably skip out on this one. But I like shiny toys.

Megatron, Optimus Prime, and everything else about the Transformers are co-owned by Hasbro and Takara.