Spawn Redeemer custom toy

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn was ostensibly a comic about the war between Heaven and Hell. I say “was,” because I stopped reading after it seemed like Hell was defeated, and now I have no idea what it’s about.

But when I was reading, the lead character, Spawn, was destined to become an agent of the underworld. As such, he occasionally does battle with agents of heaven, such as the Anti-Spawn:

The original Anti-Spawn was retired, and a new version, going by the name of “Redeemer” replaced him. McFarlane Toys released a few Redeemer figures over the years, and the third one caught my eye:

That sure is a pretty shade of blue! I’d like to have that toy! But somehow, I ended up with its icky brown repaint:

I may still pick up the pretty blue version, but I decided I didn’t wanna look at the ugly brown one anymore. So I painted it using the original Anti-Spawn colors as inspiration:

I dunno what happened to his sword or his stand, so he just kind of awkwardly balances on a shelf, now. But, uh. My paint job is pretty nice, yeah?

Spawn, Redeemer, Anti-Spawn, and all related characters are owned by Todd McFarlane.