OverPower Scarlet Spider Kaine custom cards

OverPower was a mid-1990s trading card game by Fleer, which, I believe, was owned by Marvel Entertainment Group. In 2014, I thought it would be fun to update the Scarlet Spider cards to feature not Ben Reilly, who was on the originals, but Kaine, the other clone of Spider-Man who took up the mantle of Scarlet Spider for a while in the 2010s.

For the Scarlet Spider Special cards, the borders and card text are actually the original cards. All I did was change the art.

For the Hero cards, I did have to recreate those from scratch, but I used the original cards as templates.

This was a fun project. If you still play OverPower, feel free to print these out and stick them in a sleeve over your Ben Reilly cards. Just don’t enter any tournaments without checking with your TOs, first.