Z-Croc sketches

When it came time to make Hawk & Croc: Generation 2, of course we had to update and/or create designs for everybody. Lizzie, Croc and Alli’s daughter, was a character we’d already introduced as a baby. Brandon had always intended for her to grow up and become a heroine in her own right, named Z-Croc (with the “Z” pronounced “zed,” like it is in basically every country that isn’t the United States), so she was a shoe-in.

But we’d never really talked about how Z-Croc dressed. Something similar to X-Croc made sense, to show the connection. But it was the specifics that needed working out. We ended up changing her hair for the final version, but her superhero costume remained pretty intact from these sketches.

I also thought it might be fun to mess with giving Lizzie some patterned sun dresses for her casual attire, just to do something completely different than we had been doing for the past decade at that point. So included is the original sketch I did for that, plus an initial pattern concept.

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