Hawk & Croc Present: Spaceman Biff???

Brandon and I thought about making a spin-off comic where Hawk & Croc’s buddy, Biff J. Rockenheimen, was abducted from backstage at a wrestling match by a bird-like alien named Azula, to become an intergalactic hero. Taking inspiration from the Calvin & Hobbes “Spaceman Spiff” strips, we would, of course, call this comic Spaceman Biff.

We never got around to doing it, but I felt like this would be fun to share anyways.

I even sketched up a quick comic. Biff would be the audience surrogate, so Azula and whatever other characters could explain things to him.

My minor obsession with pixel art wormed its way into the colored version of this comic. My idea was to make it look otherworldly, but it really just ended up making it look cheap and outdated.

I took another crack at the pixel art thing, but REALLY leaned into making it look like it was a video game cutscene. I got about halfway through before deciding that the pixel art thing didn’t really work for this comic.

There’s not a zero chance of us ever doing anything with the Spaceman Biff concept, but don’t hold your breath.