Hawk & Croc Apocrypha: Meet the Parents

During the hiatus Brandon and I had taken in 2005, I came up with some ideas for future possible stories. One of them was this tale of how Hawk and Camilla broke up, leading to the relationship between Hawk and Fire Raven that was established before we flashed back to the characters’ high school years. We ended up going with a very different story than this one, but I like giving these behind-the-scenes peeks so folks can see how much MORE work we put into Hawk & Croc than ended up in the actual comic.

Obviously, this was written before Camilla’s actual exit from the comic towards the end of Hawk & Croc’s School Daze, as well as before the apocryphal story, After the Kiss.

Page 1

Panel 1 – Hawk and Camilla in Hawk’s living room:

Hawk: So, Camilla…
Cam: Yes, luv?
Hawk: When do I get to meet YOUR parents?

Panel 2 – Camilla looking around worried/defensive

Cam: Ummm… err… well… you don’t.
Hawk: What? Why not? You’ve been over here dozens of times since we started going out — TWO YEARS AGO!

Panel 3 – Hawk excited

Camilla: Dariaan… I’m sorry, but… my family is too good for you.
Hawk: I… um, exCUSE me?
Camilla: I’m sorry, luv. It’s not that I don’t love you… it’s just that… well…

Panel 4 – Hawk Rejected.

Camilla: You don’t have any money, you’ve got no aspritations, no direction. You’re calow, uninspired… we’ve been going out for two years now, and I don’t even know what you want to do when you get of of school.
Hawk: Unintelligible mumble

Panel 5 – Hawk looking down, Camilla is not entertained

Camilla: Excuse me?
Hawk: I’m going to save the world.
Camilla: I’m not joking, Dariaan.

Panel 6 – Hawk Pointing

Hawk: Get out of my house.

Page 2

Panels 1 & 2 – Hawk and Beth on the phone. Split panel with dialogue going down the middle between them.

Beth: Hey, Hawk. What’s up?
Hawk: I just broke up with Camilla
Beth: What? Why?!
Hawk: She called me frightened and weak-willed. Said I had no inspiration, direction or money…. she said I wasn’t good enough for her family.
Beth: Oh, Dariaan… I’m so sorry…

Panel 3 – Wide panel of Hawk’s room. Beth’s voice comes through the phone.

Hawk: Yeah… listen. I don’t want to mess up your night or anything, but Croc isn’t home. Would you mind if we went out and got some ice cream or something?
Beth: Of course. I’ll be right over.

Page 3

Panel 1 – Beth’s car. Passenger side – Hawk is getting in

Hawk: Thanks for picking me up.
Beth: Of course.

Panel 2 – Driver’s side.

Beth: Where did you want to go?
Hawk: Hungry Wolf Pizza. I’m pals with the owner, so we might not have to pay.
Beth: All right.

Panel 3 – Both sides. No dialogue. Hawk has a tear on either side sneaking out from his sunglasses.

Page 4

Panel 1 – Inside Hungry Wolf Pizza. Hawk & Beth sitting at Hawk & Croc’s usual booth. Terrance is making pizza in the background. Focus is on Beth, who is concerned for her friend.

Beth: So, had you two been having problems for a while?
Hawk: No… it was all very sudden. I totally didn’t see this coming.

Panel 2 – Repeat panel. In the background: Teenage Alli and younger Komodo (Surprise cameos! We haven’t met them yet in School Daze) walk into HWP and pay for their pizzas.

Beth: Is there any chance you might be able to work things out?
Hawk: I don’t think so… I kicked her out of my house and told her I never wanted to see her again.

Panel 3 – Alli & Komodo leaving

Hawk: I’m sorry… can we talk about something else?
Beth: Sure. I’m quitting smoking.
Hawk: …really?
Beth: It’s been six days since my last cigarette.
Hawk: Congratulations.
Beth: Heh, thanks…

Page 5

Panel 1 – Beth dropping Hawk off at home.

Beth: Hawk, try not to worry too much about it.
Hawk: *sighs*

Panel 2 – Close up on a smiling Beth

Beth: I know you’re going to grow into a worthwhile man, and you’ll do wonderful things. Like save the world.

Panel 3

Hawk: Heh. Thanks, Beth.
Beth: Hey, any time.
Hawk: See you at school tomorrow.
Beth: Goodnight.

God, teenagers are awkward.

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