Ink Drawing Challenge 2021 Day 9: Koopa Troopas

Maybe the most prolific enemy in the Super Mario Bros. series? Arguably the most iconic. I always preferred when the Koopa Troopas would walk on all fours like in the original Super Mario Bros. and then when they returned in Super Mario Bros. 3, as opposed to the more upright walking style they exhibited first in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and then Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. And I included the word “super” six times in that last sentence.

I also drew a Koopa Paratroopa, because why not include them both? I gave the Paratroopa the boots that the turtle-like antagonists have been wearing in more recent titles, so that he (she? they? Is there a way to tell Koopa genders?) would be able to land softer without incurring any foot injuries.

Anyways, he’s some not-turtles.