Ink Drawing Challenge 2021 Day 24: Spike

Getting this one in just under the wire! It’s understandable, though; I donated blood this morning, and it knocked me out for the whole day. Anyways.

It’s Spike! Like most of the stuff I’ve been drawing this month, Spike debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, but, if memory serves, he only appears in one stage! On top of that, even though his control art showed it, his final sprite didn’t have his blue mohawk! D’oh!

Anyways, despite his rather on-the-nose name, Spike is one of my favorite additions in SMB3. He barfs up spiked balls and throws them at the Marios! He definitely also shows up in some of the later 3D games, and also throws other spiked objects to try and impede the heroes’ journey.

Spike is rad, mostly because he’s a little oddball.