Ink Drawing Challenge 2021 Day 1

Welcome to to my 2021 Super Mario Bros. October Ink Drawing Challenge. Apparently, there’s maybe some legal issues around the word “Inktober”? I don’t know or care, so I’m just avoiding the word after today.

Back in 1990 I drew a book that showed the various characters in Super Mario Bros. 3. And then I re-drew that same book a year later. I recently unearthed those treasures, and after looking through them, I decided it would be fun to do an all-Super Mario Bros.-themed October Ink Drawing challenge this year!

I’m drawing everyone and everything in my style, so it may not match up exactly with Nintendo’s official art. But hopefully everyone will be recognizable as who they’re meant to be.

It’s been a while since I’ve done daily drawings… probably since last October, actually! So this will be good practice for me.

I’m not sure what time I’ll be posting these. Probably after work, on most days. But the plan is to do a new on every day, all October long!

Today’s specimen is Super Mario himself. Who will I draw tomorrow? Come back and find out!