This is Fine.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning. As always, he asked how I was doing. Of course, I had stupidly decided to quickly check Twitter while in the waiting room, so my response was “infuriated at the world around us. But, y’know, I’M fine.” But I must have said in such a way that it tickled his fancy.

“Your entire demeanor doesn’t seem infuriated. You just come across like that meme with the dog in the room on fire who says, ‘This is fine.’ Like, you’re all calm and relaxed even though everything around you is terrible.”

I took it as a grand compliment.

Of course the meme in question is part of a single strip from KC Green’s webcomic, Gunshow. It takes on a whole new context when you include the other four panels.

I’d like to think I’m a little more proactive than the last two panels. But, the world hasn’t actually melted yet, so we’ll see.

This is fine.

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