McFarlane Webbing Panels

I picked up the Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane Complete Collection Trade Paperback over this past weekend, and there’s a lot of fun things to be found in it.

I know Todd’s writing in this comic has been lambasted by critics since these comics originally came out in 1990-91, but I’m not writing a review, here.

I think this collection is full of fun, light-hearted, summer blockbuster style adventure. And part of that fun is some of the very creative ways Todd uses things outside of regular lines to denote panel borders. Usually it’s webbing, but the following page makes use of a curly telephone cord.

I really like the phone cord border, but boy, it does it date the story.

Anyways, that was it. I just wanted to make a quick post appreciating McFarlane’s creative panel borders.

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