Spider-Man Variants

Another old college project today, this one being the “companion” piece to the Hulks variants I posted a while back. This Photoshop project was to take an image and make variations of it. I think the requirement was three versions, but I knew I could knock that out in a day, so I gave myself a bit extra work, because that’s how I did things in college.

I drew Spider-Man by hand, scanned it in, traced it, and made several different versions. I then found a photo of the New York skyline, did some minor editing to it, and stuck Spidey on top.

So you’ve of course got classic Spider-Man, the 1980s symbiote Spider-Man, the then-recent 2000’s “Iron Spider” man, the 1990s Scarlet Spider, and two movie versions: Red-and-blue, and Spider-Man 3′s reinterpretation of the symbiote costume. Spider-Man 3 had just come out recently, so this was a then-topical reference!

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