Marvel Legends Retro 3.75″ Stealth Iron Man custom toy

In The Invincible Iron Man #152, we were introduced to Tony Stark’s Stealth Armor, a pitch-black version of the Iron Man armor that eschewed most of the other features of his standard suit in exchange for being able to sneak around undetected. It’s a pretty common repaint for toy and statue manufacturers to make out of any existing Iron Man product they make, even if the particular IM they just produced is a different suit with incredibly different contours and details. I figured I’d beat Hasbro to the punch with their new 3.75″ toy line, especially since the Iron Man toy in this line actually DOES match the details and contours of the Stealth Armor.

Fun fact: The Stealth armor in the comics is always just black (with blue highlights), and red eye and mouth holes. The red uni-beam on the chest and repulsor beams on the hands being painted red actually started with Toy Biz’s 1994 action figure from the toy line based on the cartoon of the era, and continued in the early years of Marvel Legends figures. Now it’s just become a standard feature of the Stealth armor in all media…except the comic books, where it’s still just black.

Anyways, this guy is painted metallic blue with a gloss black wash, and an iridescent purple over it. I literally cannot get it to photograph well, so I’d say that it ended up being properly stealthy. Mission accomplished!