Kim Possible custom toy

This toy is is from 2005.

Kim Possible is a cartoon that I probably was too old for when it came out, but holy damn was it great. A teenage superhero spy with all the coolest gadgets? Her parents were literally a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon? And her best friend/sidekick was voiced by Will Friedle, of Boy Meets World and Batman Begins fame? How am I not going to love that show?

Here’s the sitch: KP was made from a Playmates TMNT 2003 action figure, with her utility belt, cargo pockets, and sleeves made from electrical tape, and her hair and wrist cuffs made from Super Sculpey.

Her face doesn’t look that dirty in real life. I’m not sure what’s going on with these photos.

Kim Possible is currently streaming on Disney+. Go check it out if you’re feeling nostalgic. Or, especially if you have a school age daughter, I definitely recommend checking it out.