TMNT: Ace Duck repaint

I realized it’s been months since I’ve posted any of my Ninja Turtles repaints. So it’s about time to get back on that.

This is Ace Duck, the Turtles fine feathered friend. He appeared on the TV in exactly ONE episode of the cartoon show, but had a much bigger role in the Archie comic series. Aaaand… that’s about it. Which is weird, considering Ace Duck came out in 1989 and was in just the second wave of TMNT toys. Lots of kids had him because he was a Turtles toy, but he has very little corresponding media.

Anyways, I liked that he was a cool duck in a leather jacket, so I made him look like the Fonz. Or James Dean. Or, y’know, a cool guy in a leather jacket.

Also, every single feather was painted individually. Every. Single. One.

Here’s the original toy next to my repaint: