Unfinished, unreleased album cover

I don’t really take commissions like this anymore, but a few years back I was asked by a friend to design an album cover for a band that included some of his friends. It was an epic metal record, and said friend supplied me with an unfinished demo version of the album so that I could design something that matched the tone of the album.

Unfortunately, the band broke up before the album was recorded, and also before I finished this piece. I don’t remember for sure, but I seem to recall that I got some of the agreed upon money up front, so I didn’t end up totally empty-handed.

Anyways, it’s been almost five years, so I think it’s safe to show this off now. And no, I won’t sell you this for your album cover. It’s not even finished, and I’m better at drawing human anatomy now.

Still, there’s parts of this that I really like.