Comic: Not a Date

This is a true story, although exaggerated a LITTLE bit. But it’s fun, and it happened long enough ago that I think it’s worth sharing without embarrassing any of the other parties involved.

I had made plans with a couple of friends in college to go see a movie the following evening, and then one of the friends ended up forgetting that he had already bought tickets for a concert that night. So it was me and Chelsea. I was wearing a lot of bandanas at this time.

For whatever reason, whenever the two of us went together, no matter where we went, someone always said how cute we looked together, even though we were never a couple.

I couldn’t remember when this happened, but I’m pretty sure that we saww Kill Bill Volume 1 on this particular evening, which was released in October 2003. And even if we saw another movie, I know I saw Kill Bill pt 1 with Chelsea, and she and I didn’t spend much time together after the semester was over, so this comic must have taken place around that time.

I remember showing this to both Chelsea and Neal, and they both thought it was hilarious.

And in case you can’t read my chicken scratch lettering….

Panel 1:
Caption: Thursday
Andy: Later!
Chelsea: Bye!
Neal: See you guys at the movies tomorrow!

Panel 2:
Caption: Friday
Andy: Yo, Neal, you ready to get goin’?
Neal: Hahaha! Sorry! I forgot to tell you I’m going to a concert!

Panel 3:
Andy: Hm.

Panel 4/5:
Andy: Chelsea, Neal just cancelled, yo!
Chelsea: WHAT!?

Panel 6:
Chelsea: GREAT! Now Andy’n’me are gonna get crap ALL friggin’ night!

Panel 7:
Andy: Two, please!
Box Office Woman: Oh, you two are SO cute together
Chelsea: …

Panel 8:
Caption: At the Concert
Kid Rock: They call me ‘cowboy,’ I’m a singer in black! Hey! Hey!
Neal: This is way better than a movie with those two losers!

Panel 9:
Stupid guy: huh-huh…you gonna git some?
Dumb girl: OoOOoOOoOoOooOOO… He’s CUTE! You gonna kiss ‘im?

People can be so gross.