Ultra Magnus Heroes of Cybertron Custom Toy

“Andy, that’s just a white Optimus Prime.”

You’re not entirely wrong. And yet, you are!

I’ve already told you about Powered Convoy. Twice, in fact! But this is the first time I’ve really done anything with PC’s American re-interpretation, Ultra Magnus.

1987’s Ultra Magnus. Image from TFWiki.net

So, since he’s a redeco of Powered Convoy, Ultra Magnus’s original toy is a car carrier. The cab can combine with the trailer to make a super robot. But in the original cartoon series, we never saw Magnus as just the cab. That wouldn’t happen until the early 21st century, when Dreamwave Productions had the Transformers comic book license. After seemingly being defeated in battle, Magnus shed his Ultra armor to reveal the white Optimus-style cab on the inside. And then Takara and Hasbro released like infinity Optimus Prime toy recolors in white as an homage to this single comic book issue.

The exact color deco changes from Magnus to Magnus, so I just painted this guy up in a way that I liked.

Also, his left shoulder peg is about to snap, which is why it isn’t inserted all the way. I painted over it to try and give it some extra support, but I’m sure at some point I’m going to need to properly repair it. Such is life!