Samurai Comics Moved!

I mean, they did. Back in 2017.

But from April of 2015 through February of 2018, the Samurai Comics were my employers. While I was there, I got to keep my graphic design skills somewhat sharpened by making all kinds of fun flyers and store displays.

When the store moved locations about a mile and a half away, the owners asked me to make up a sign to put in the window of the old location of their Phoenix store, directing customers to the new store. And the above is what I came up with. Nightcrawler’s teleportation power seemed like the most appropriate use of a “Hey we moved!” sign. And those super-cartoony variant covers by artist Skottie Young were ALL the rage at the time.

As a fun aside, they used the old location as something of a clearance store for a couple of weeks, and I got to work there by myself and ring up everything at a huge discount. That was a fun couple of weeks, despite the overall lack of customers. I maybe talked to one or two people an hour, on average. During one of those two weeks, I re-watched all five seasons the entire 2003 Teen Titans cartoon, going through an entire season each day.

One of my favorite things I did is I bought a few of the hugely-discounted Gundam model kits and would slowly build one throughout the day, thinking that if some customers saw me, maybe they’d be inspired to buy a kit or two themselves and try the hobby out. Y’know, anything I could do to drum up business to try and make sure we could all stay employed. Well, it totally worked, because a few high school kids ended up buying a TON of Gundams, with the discounted price. I don’t remember exact numbers, but I’m pretty sure that ended up being the best sales day of the two week period.

I had a pretty good time, hanging out mostly by myself in a comic store that didn’t really exist any longer. But I’m also really glad to be out of the comics retail scene.