Marvel vs. Capcom color edits

So you can probably tell that I love comics, and Street Fighter. And in the late 1990s, Capcom released a bunch of Street Fighter-esque games featuring the Marvel Comics characters. And those games allowed you to play as characters in alternate colors! But some of the color choices that Capcom made were… well, not choices I would’ve gone with. Even for the characters’ default colors.

So, just for fun, I took some of the sprites from those games and added the color palettes that I’d like to see them in. Most of these colors schemes are from decidedly AFTER the sprite-based Marvel games were released, so take it all with a grain of salt. This was just something I did for fun.

And if you’re thinking, “Hey, haven’t I seen these before?” the answer is yes, this was on my Tumblr account for a while. So my most dedicated followers might remember this!