“Brand New Day”

Not here to make any statements of my political thoughts (I’m registered as a “No Party” voter), but posting this on the day that Joe Biden is inaugurated to become the next president of the United States seemed as appropriate a day as any.

When Obama was elected back in 2008, it was revealed that his two favorite comic book characters were Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian. Marvel put Obama in a back-up story with Spidey in Amazing Spider-Man #583, and Devil’s Due Publishing did an entire Barack the Barbarian series for a while there (complete with Sarah Palin appearing as Red Sarah, a send-up of Red Sonja).

Anyways, I drew this in December 2008, inspired by Steve McNiven’s cover for Amazing Spider-Man #546. After the election, but before Obama took office.

In my opinion (and you are free to disagree!), a new presidency in the United States always feels like a time to reset our expectations and re-evaluate what we think is important. Forget the party you’re registered under. Eliminate any preconceptions. Let the new administration do their jobs, and evaluate them from a fresh set of eyes. Some will be great, even if you thought they might not. Others will do a less-than-stellar job, even if you thought they’d be the best president ever.

Again, I’m not telling anybody how to think or how to vote. I just feel we should all give each administration at least their first 100 days before we praise or condemn them.