Month: January 2021

Transformers Classics Motormaster Custom Toy

whaaaaat? Okay, so this one’s a bit of a stretch….

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R.E.D. Series Fire Guts Ginrai Custom Toy

Optimus Prime Repaint Week winds down with another Fire Guts…

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Powered Convoy Heroes of Cybertron Custom Toy

Okay, this is the third Powered Convoy repaint I’ve posted…

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Fire Guts God Ginrai Heroes of Cybertron Custom Toy

“Andy, that’s just an orange Optimus Prime.” You’re not entirely…

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Mail Call: X-Factor Havok & Polaris Marvel Legends

We interrupt Optimus Prime Repaint Week for this delivery that…

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Ultra Magnus Heroes of Cybertron Custom Toy

“Andy, that’s just a white Optimus Prime.” You’re not entirely…

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Nemesis Prime Heroes of Cybertron Custom Toy

It’s Optimus Prime Repaint week on — All the…

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Friendly Fridays: Space Bananas by Wesley Griffith

Wesley draws some weird shit, man. But I love it….

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Samurai Comics Moved!

I mean, they did. Back in 2017. But from April…

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“Brand New Day”

Not here to make any statements of my political thoughts…

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Fire Raven 2021

Just thought I’d mess around with some new art of…

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These were done for a Photoshop class in college, spring…

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Friendly Fridays: Art of Fighting Adventures by Brandon A. Mayo

Waaaay back in 2001, before Hawk & Croc existed, my…

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Adorable X-Men

The file for this is dated 2011, but I have…

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Heroes of Cybertron Redwing Custom Toy

Redwing is an interesting fella. He never appeared anywhere in…

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