Unused New Hawk & Croc: Chapter 4 pages

In 2016, Brandon Mayo and I began posting chapter 4 of New Hawk & Croc. However, before we had completely figured out what that chapter would be, I got to work on what would have been pages 2 and 3 of the chapter (or, pages 152 and 153 of the overall New Hawk & Croc numbering):

This was FAR more detailed than anything I had drawn in the comic up to that point, and while it would have looked great, I could tell halfway through that second page that there was no way that I would’ve been able to maintain drawing that much detail on a weekly schedule.

Additionally, we ended up tightening up the plot for the chapter a lot as we got closer to its eventual release, so these two pages essentially got cut for time, because we needed the real estate for better storytelling.

The events of these pages still HAPPENED, we just decided to leave it up to the readers’ imagination.

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