Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter

I mean, the signature says “Jan ’07” right on it, so this thing is almost 13 years old at the time I’m posting it. I think that the figure drawing mostly holds up pretty well. My line has gotten more confident and expressive, but overall, I don’t think it’s too bad.

The perspective on the background could use some help, but I’m glad that 2007 me at least attempted to draw a kitchen in the window.

I wish I still had the layered PSD file, because I’d love to see what she looks like beneath those psychic webs.

Julia Carpenter was the second person to hold the title of Spider-Woman in the Marvel Universe, and she debuted in the 1984 crossover event, Secret Wars. Her design appeared just a few issues before Spider-Man’s black costume that would eventually be worn by Venom, so they’re actually copies of her.

She’s neat. Which is why I drew her all those years ago.