Merry Christmas from Hawk & Croc

Just for fun, here’s the entire arc of Holiday strips that Brandon and I made back in 2006.

This was just months after Sony executive Kaz Hirai’s reveal of the absurdly expensive $599 USD price tag of the Playstation 3, which became a huge joke in the gaming realms of the Internet for quite a while.

I kinda want that shirt, tbh.
Jay Jewelers: Every Kiss begins with “J”?
90% of the work on this strip went to drawing the first panel’s background.
Hawk being a jackass and Croc being a decent boyfriend. Is that backwards?
The Clara mentioned here is the mom of Clara Dixit, Jr. from Hawk & Croc: Generation 2
McFarlane Toys made the first Metal Gear Solid toys, hence the Spawn logo on this box.
Oops, forgot to change the date on this strip!

And just for fun, here’s the Lil Hawk & Croc Christmas strip from 2011, featuring the secret origin of BARK: