Megatron R.E.D. Series Generation 2 Hero Custom Toy

In 1993’s Transformers: Generation 2, Megatron was re-imagined as a green-and-purple tank with electronic sound effects and a firing shoulder cannon.

The following year, Hasbro released a newer, smaller Megatron figure, as a purple tank with black triangle deco and blue highlights with orange trim, as part of the “Combat Heroes” assortment, along with a funky Optimus Prime who was re-imagined as a missile carrier truck, though more or less still in his classic red-and-blue color scheme.

So, of course, I wanted to repaint a R.E.D. Series Megatron to homage this color scheme. The purple I had wasn’t quite as dark asa the original toy’s, but I think that just make the black “confetti” look pop a bit more.

I thought leaving both his torso AND waist piece silver would be kind of boring-looking, so I used the same bright blue that would have been his tank treads for that coloring, and added some extra orange deco, to really give the figure that early 1990s feel. I really tried to get the Decepticon logo on his chest as clean as I could, but it’s very small, and hard to get as precise as I’d like at that size.

I made the top part of the fusion cannon orange to match the air launcher on the G2 figure’s shoulder cannon.

It’s not quite as accurate of a representation of the original toy as I did with the other tank Megatron, but I think the final outcome is a fairly appealing-looking toy. Though, I might be a bit biased.

And here’s a fun work-in-progress shot, just because: