Month: December 2020

Atomic Monsoon 100 – Finale

Well that’s it. The final episode of Atomic Monsoon. Stephanie and I take a look…

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Jan & Can

For a while in the early 2010s, I became I fan of a Tumblr-based webcomic…

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Teen Titans’ Starfire, 2007

I distinctly remember drawing this in January 2007. Not my best work ever, although probably…

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Fire Raven sketches

The file for this is dated 4/17/2009, but I’m pretty sure it’s more likely that…

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Hawk & Croc Apocrypha: The Original InJustice City

InJustice City has a bit of a weird history to nobody but myself. When Brandon…

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Friendly Fridays: Hawk & Croc by Brandon A. Mayo

Brandon has stated that he has no artistic talent whatsoever. And, well. Those are his…

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Merry Christmas from Hawk & Croc

Just for fun, here’s the entire arc of Holiday strips that Brandon and I made…

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Atomic Monsoon #99: Hawk & Croc with Brandon A. Mayo

So you’ve probably noticed all the Hawk & Croc content I’ve been posting this week….

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Hawk & Croc vs the Saiyan Warrior

I don’t remember exactly when I drew this, but I believe it was 2007. The…

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Mail Call: Green Ranger

Thanks, Entertainment Earth! That pretty much finishes this line off for me. Now to finish…

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From joke to canon: Hokuto no Croc

So there’s this manga & anime series called Hokuto no Ken, known in English-speaking countries…

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My favorite single Hawk & Croc page

From New Hawk & Croc Chapter 3, I really like that this single page works…

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The best Hawk & Croc strip

That’s it. This is the best Hawk & Croc comic that Brandon & I have…

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Hawk & Croc Book/Video Game Covers: Mostly Unused

Here’s something from the archives that I think fans of Hawk & Croc might enjoy:…

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Unused New Hawk & Croc: Chapter 4 pages

In 2016, Brandon Mayo and I began posting chapter 4 of New Hawk & Croc….

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