Uncanny X-Men 127 colors

Here’s a fun one. Back in 2013, I found a scan of Terry Austin’s inks over John Byrne’s pencils on a random page from Uncanny X-Men issue 127, and I’m always experimenting with different ways of making art. So I colored the page myself in Photoshop, something that they wouldn’t have been able to do at the time the issue was published.

So here’s a scan of the page as it originally appeared in print:

And here is my interpretation of the colors, which I did without looking at the original page:

I’ve had some people tell me that my version looks better. I appreciate that, but also remember that when Glynis Oliver originally colored the page, she had to do so on four-color presses in a method that was FAR more complex than using the fill bucket and semi-transparent brushes in Photoshop.

Anyways, this was a fun experiment, and maybe the best-looking thing I’ve ever colored. So that’s something.