Maxx & Jungle Queen

From 2013, it’s Outback Maxx and Julie his Jungle Queen!

The Maxx is…complicated. It’s a series about a homeless guy who dresses up like a superhero and has befriended his freelance social worker. But sometimes Maxx wears a feathered headdress when he visits “The Outback,” a reality that’s exclusively in his mind, where he is the personal savior of the Jungle Queen…who resembles Julie. Or The Outback is reality, and the inner city of the 1990s is the dream? Sure.

There was a pretty rad 13-episode MTV cartoon based on the 35 issues of comics by Sam Kieth. It’s on DVD, but I don’t think it’s streaming anywhere, anymore.

Also his middle fingers are spikes, so it just looks like Maxx is giving you the bird all the time.