CastleVania IV Horsemen

Oh, the days back when I was “site advisor” for Eric Roman’s Dracula’s Curse: THE PAGE!!!, a fanpage dedicated to CastleVania III: Dracula’s Curse on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The position of “site advisor” mostly just meant helped him filter out bad ideas for updates. But I appreciated the recognition.


WAAAAY back in the day, Eric and I used to talk about the possible factions of monsters within the CastleVania video games. We were both huge pro wrestling fans at the time, so we dubbed a quartet the “CastleVania IV Horsemen,” after the wrestling group the 4 Horsemen. This group consisted of our four favorite boss characters, Death (top), Slogra (left), Gaibon (right), and the Skull Knight (bottom). And then we realized that Skull Knight isn’t in CastleVania IV, so that sort of kills the gimmick. Oh well, he’s still awesome.

And then I drew this.

Overall, I think this is good for my skill level at the time (pre-2005, maybe even as far back as 2001-2002?), although I definitely see a lot of areas for improvement. But the colors are pretty good.

I miss good old platforming Castlevania games.

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