Inktober 2020 Day 8 – Teeth

The Inktober prompts are supposed to just be an idea to get your brain going. My first thought with “teeth” was definitely something very Todd McFarlane-y. You know, like the Violator or Malebolgia from the Spawn comics. But Todd McFarlane also designed Spider-Man villain Venom, and he’s a pretty great visual, and is definitely known for having a bajillionty teeth. And a slimy, waggly tongue.

But you know who doesn’t get enough love? Venom’s offspring that aren’t Carnage; Scream (yellow/red), Riot (Grey), Lasher (Green), Phage (orange), and today’s subject. So, pictured above is my interpretation AGONY, the oft-miscolored purple/magenta symbiote whose human host, Leslie Gesneria, was killed during the Venom: Separation Anxiety storyline. Or maybe she’s puce and fuchsia? I don’t know, it’s always two inconsistent shades of violet in contrasting hues.

Anyways. Teeth! They’re like the least important part of this drawing. But they inspired the entire thing.