Inktober 2020 Day 31 – Crawl

Because, was there anything else I was gonna draw for “crawl”?

This marks my second year completing Inktober, and the first year that I used a prompt list. Honestly, I think I had more fun last year.

The prompt list was worth experimenting with, but I actually felt that it was more restrictive than helpful, and it resulted in some drawings that I wasn’t really happy with, because it was stuff that I wasn’t really into drawing. “Shoes,” for example? Really?

But, the other side of that is I definitely drew some things I don’t know that I otherwise would have, helping to stretch me as an artist. And I definitely had fun doing some not-obvious interpretations of the prompts, on the days where I could come up with something that I thought would be interesting to draw. Drawing Dizzy Devil in a manner closer to his animation model than my regular art style was a good challenge. Surprisingly to me, that went much easier than I had expected.

So, I dunno. I think continuing to do Inktober is worthwhile, but I’m not sure I need the suggestions. I’ll just draw 31 things.

I hope my regular visitors enjoyed getting the double-dose of older Monster drawings, as well as the brand-new Inktober stuff. Scroll down to the bottom and leave me a comment! Let me know what you thought!

I have no idea what I’m going to do for updates starting tomorrow, but I DO intend to keep up with daily updates, as much as is reasonable! I still have oodles of folders full of older drawings to scan and post.

I hope you had a happy and safe Halloween!