Hawk Falling

So here’s a fun one. While going through a bunch of old drawings, I found this image of my character Dariaan Nighthawk (later featured the webcomic Hawk & Croc) from 1998:

And then I found this version from about 2004-05 (image wasn’t dated, but it was in a folder with other images from that time period)

And then I remembered this image that appeared in Hawk & Kid, a Hawk & Croc spin-off, that I drew in 2009:

I don’t think I had intended to draw Hawk in the same basic pose three times every 4-5 years, but apparently I did. And you can see how much I improved between each illustration. So don’t fret, young artists! Keep at it, and you, too, can become a better illustrator over time.

I should do a version in 2020, as well. Hmm…