Month: July 2020


Cthulhu is a rad design that I enjoy drawing upon occasion. This is an illustration…

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Ems the Bassist

Ems from my webcomic Hawk & Croc is loosely based on a friend. That friend…

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Dinosaur Knight

After a spending an evening hanging out with a friend (whose last name is “Knight,”…

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Confetti Planet

Not based on anything in specific, just a fun, late 80s/early 90s party!

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Marvel Legends Black Cat custom

It had been about five years since Ms. Felicia Hardy was last released as a…

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Last Unicorn Fan Art

Rankin-Bass Productions made some really gorgeous cartoons in the 1980s, and perhaps chief amongst them…

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Mail Call: STRIKE outfit Captain America

Always liked this outfit, and when a Reddit user announced he was selling off some…

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2012 Shredder

I’ve always preferred Shredder (and the Foot Clan in general) in the red and brown…

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Transformers The Movie Text Poster

Yes. That is actually the entire script of the movie. I hand-transcribed the entire thing. You…

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“There’s no comma”

The roommates got me into Critical Role, the streaming show where “a bunch of nerdy-ass…

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GI Joe Resolute

I originally wrote this as an eleven-part article over as many days back in 2010,…

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All the Undercover Turtles

It bothered me as a kid that Playmates would make one of the Ninja Turtles…

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Don, the Undertaker Turtle

A friend mis-read “Don, the Undercover Turtle,” replacing “cover” with “taker.” Well as it turned…

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Mail day part two: Marvel Legends Loki

Scored this guy off eBay, loose with no Build-a-Figure piece, for a few bucks cheaper…

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Mail day: G.I. Joe Classified Snake Eyes

My six-inch G.I. Joe collection continues to grow! YO JOE!

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