It’s like “retro” and “Metroid,” y’see…

During The Great Retro Art Expeiment of 2017, I wanted to push what I was doing, and tried to make it seem as though the viewer was looking though Samus Aran’s helmet. I utilized the menus from 1994ms Super Metroid for the Heads-Up Display features, as Samus was getting ready to return to the mysterious Planet Zebes.

And as a joke, I threw Sector Z from StarFox in the background.

The space background is a NASA stock photo, with the texture for Planet Zebes and its satellites pulled directly from game graphics. Same with Sector Z.

Digital art. Adobe Photoshop. 2017

Metroid, Samus Aran, StarFox, and all related characters and concepts are registered trademarks of Nintendo.