Comic: MechGuffin

This was a one-page idea for a comic that I’ve still yet to produce. Basically, I have a very high fondness for the storytelling of The Transformers comics by IDW, and the designs of the Mega Man X video game series.

So take some generic names like the 1984 and 1985 Transformers, design some characters that wouldn’t look out of place with the 16-bit Mega Man X games, and mash the whole thing up into a world of non-gendered, multicolored heroes and villains. And because there’s always SOMETHING in series like this to fight over, I decided to name this series’ particular Macguffin device the “MechGuffin.”

As you might expect, I have no idea what the MechGuffin actually does, but it’s probably important. And that’s why the evil BLADES and his DRONE ARMY wants it! But can the combined forces of STRIPES (the smart one), TANK (the strong one), and WHEELS (the fast one) stop him?

I dunno. I’ll get around to doing more of this series, someday. Probably.

MechGuffin and all related characters and concepts copyright 2013 Andy Costello.