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Post-it Note Doodles

While going through the images on my phone, I found all these little doodles I…

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Faeries Wear Boots

From 2011. Inspired by the Black Sabbath song. The lyrics video is posted below, for…

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Biff Jerky in: The Beheading

Biff Jerky drawing, cutting off the head of some monster. It’s gross.

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From the same class as yesterday’s Minotaur drawing, here’s an India Ink and brush piece…

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This is from like 2007, I want to say? It was done for a college…

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Oriyan’s Ceria, 2004

Oriyan! is a webcomic that ran from 2003-2012, created friends by Celeste Smith and Jessica…

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Cthulhu eating Dead Babies

I want to say this is from around 2006. It was drawn in pen-and-marker in…

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Gorr custom Toy

Hey, remember Gorr? So, during the pandemic, my roommates and I have begun playing Dungeons…

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Creepy Crawly

Found this cutie hiding in a 2009 notebook that wasn’t going to lay flat to…

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Zombie ’98

I remember drawing this while sitting on the patio of a Schlotzsky’s restaurant in 1998,…

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Skull Mask Warrior

I can’t keep sharing OLD STUFF, right? Gotta throw something new-ish in every so often….

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The Serpent

Nineteen Ninety Five. I was 13. So the idea here was, The Serpent was a…

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Hey, remember that McFarlane Toys action figure, The Conqueror, whom I wrote about back in…

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Unfinished, unreleased album cover

I don’t really take commissions like this anymore, but a few years back I was…

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Often when drawing, I listen to music. This was done around the holidays in 2018,…

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