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All the Undercover Turtles

It bothered me as a kid that Playmates would make one of the Ninja Turtles…

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Don, the Undertaker Turtle

A friend mis-read “Don, the Undercover Turtle,” replacing “cover” with “taker.” Well as it turned…

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Mail day part two: Marvel Legends Loki

Scored this guy off eBay, loose with no Build-a-Figure piece, for a few bucks cheaper…

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Mail day: G.I. Joe Classified Snake Eyes

My six-inch G.I. Joe collection continues to grow! YO JOE!

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Triceraton Repaint

The Triceratons have always fascinated me. Why are they the only dinosaur-human hybrids in the…

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Mail day: Marvel Legends Retro Storm

This lovely goddess showed up to my house today. One more joins my Marvel Legends…

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Marvel Legends Ultron Custom

This project was inspired by the fact that the Retro Marvel Legends Vision figure came…

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Marvel Legends Rogue custom

The official Marvel Legends 1991-style Rogue came out while I wasn’t collecting the line in…

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Casey Jones: BodyCount custom figure

My never-ending goal to make cooler versions of the original TMNT toys continued with Casey…

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Hulkbuster War Machine custom action figure

I bought some Marvel Legends figures from a friend several years back, including a Hulkbuster…

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Toxic Crusaders “Toxie” action figure repaint

Who in the world greenlit a Saturday morning cartoon based on Troma Films’ The Toxic…

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